To: Colourism

Colourism: Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group You’re so damaging… You’re so damaging You’re so damaging “You’re so damn black, I can’t even see you” “Damn, you pretty for a black girl” “Black girls are such roaches” Do they ever hear […]

To: Social Anxiety

You exist… You exist You exist They make you believe: You’re rude You’re invisible You’re disrespectful They fail to see You’re trying your best You’re so misunderstood: They think you hate them When you want so badly to be comfortable They mistake your silence for weakness But they don’t know how loud your mind gets […]

To: Mental Illnesses

I’m so sorry…. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry Why don’t we take you seriously? You’re laughed at You’re ignored You’re looked down on Yet, people only talk about you when it’s too late I’m sorry… Why are you so invisible yet so visible? They say they care about you They say you’re so important […]

To: Beauty Standards

I’m tired… I’m tired I’m tired What do you want? You demand too much You’re so exhausting I’ve changed! Isn’t that what you wanted? You don’t care, do you?… What is your purpose? You’re always changing I never fit in I want to I constantly change I’ve done everything I could and, You’ve barely glanced […]

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